Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. is an energy and environmental consulting and market research firm located in San Francisco, California. We provide global market-based solutions and in depth technology, systems, industry, business, and policy analyses. We work with experts in government, industry, nonprofit, utilities, academia, and other entities to conduct our analyses and develop impactful practical solutions. We use systems thinking, integrative modeling, and data analytics to turn data
into actionable information and to provide
scientific-engineering solutions.

We offer Modeling and Analysis, Policy Design and Evaluation, Technology and Industry Roadmapping, Market Research, and Training and Capacity Building services in the following areas:  Energy Efficiency; GHG Emissions Reduction; Water-Energy-Climate Nexus; Manufacturing Resources Efficiency; Demand Response; Smart Manufacturing & Industrial IOT; Emerging Technologies; Deep Electrification and Decarbonization.

Vision: Global Efficiency Intelligence’s vision is a prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Mission: Our mission is to drive more efficient use of energy and other resources on the planet and move towards zero GHG emissions by providing comprehensive technology, industry, business, and policy analyses and solutions.