Markets and technologies are changing rapidly, cost pressures are increasing, customers are more demanding, and product life cycles and time-to-market are shrinking. In this environment, companies need to focus on their future markets and use strategic technology planning and roadmapping to stay ahead of the game. Also, government’s support of education and skills development, industrial partnerships, and R&D should align to the current and future needs of industry. Technology and industry roadmapping helps clarify these needs.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. offers market-base technology and industry roadmapping analysis which is intended for corporate executives, business and research managers, policy makers, utilities and other stakeholders who are interested in strategic technology and industry planning for enhancingcompetitiveness. In addition, we develop roadmaps for different industry subsectors with regards to energy and resources use and GHG emissions. We provide both Telescopic and Microscopic view trends in a particular technology and industry.