Energy efficiency must be central in government energy policies and business energy strategies around the world. Investment in energy efficiency can lead to reduced energy cost, increased productivity, decarbonization, reduced air pollution, energy security, and enhanced competitiveness. Energy efficiency is often the least expensive / most cost-effective energy source as well. Despite this, globally, two-thirds of energy efficiency’s economic potential remains untapped. According to the International Energy Agency, 70% of the world’s energy use takes place outside of any efficiency performance requirements. For example, two-thirds of energy consumption from buildings being built today has no codes or standards applied to it. Therefore, much more work needs to be done by various parties to harvest this massive untapped potential.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. drives progress in the energy efficiency pathway through market research, systems modeling and analysis, planning and roadmapping, technology and policy evaluation, and capacity building. Our strong focus on systems thinking, integrative modeling and data analytics offers more holistic and comprehensive solutions. We support businesses, governments, utilities and other stakeholders around the world in understanding energy efficiency markets and energy saving potentials and implementing energy conservation strategies and policies.