California recently passed the Buy Clean CA legislation (AB 262), which calls for the state to create rules for the procurement of infrastructure materials (steel, glass, etc.) purchased with state funds that take into account pollution levels during production. This could be an example of environmental- and climate-friendly procurement that level the playing field and can benefit both industry and the environment and incentivize high polluting companies that are out-of-state or out-of-country to clean up their production in order to be able to trade with these states or countries.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. has partnered with the ClimateWorks Foundation to conduct an analysis to estimate the likely GHG emissions reduction that will be resulted from the implementation of Buy Clean legislation in CA. In addition, we will conduct assessment in other states/countries that are likely to adopt similar Buy Clean/Green Procurement legislation for several carbon-intensive products (steel, cement, etc.) and we will estimate the GHG reduction impact of such potential programs.