International Energy Agency estimates that more than half of the electricity consumed globally is used in electric motor systems in industry, buildings, agriculture and transport. In industry, electric motors systems are used extensively and they typically account for over 70% of manufacturing electricity consumption in different countries. Motors are used to drive different equipment systems such as pumps, fans, compressed air systems, material handling, processing systems, etc. Industrial motor systems represent a largely untapped cost-effective source for industrial energy efficiency savings that could be realized with existing commercialized technologies. A major barrier to effective policy making and to more global acceptance and action for the energy efficiency improvement in industrial motor systems is the lack of information and data on the magnitude and cost-effectiveness of these energy savings potential in each country and a comprehensive strategy and roadmap.


Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC has been working on a global initiative to study and analyze the industrial motor systems in different countries. We work with various public and private stakeholders on this project. This initiative focuses on industrial pumps, fans, and compressed air systems which together account for over 70% of electricity use in industrial motor systems. We conduct various analyses at the country-level such as analyzing the energy use by each motor system type and system size at manufacturing subsector level (e.g. chemical, food, textile, steel, machinery, pulp and paper, etc.), analyzing energy saving potentials and cost by technology and system size for each country, analyzing barriers and drivers to energy efficiency and system optimization in industrial motor systems in each country, and analyzing policy making and market implications. 

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