More and more countries, companies, and organization are interested and working on Space Settlement (or Space colonization). NASA hopes humans could land on Mars some time in the 2030s, while companies like SpaceX might be ready to send humans to live in space in 2020s. Settlement in space requires considerable amount of material and resources to build the facilities and infrastructure needed to sustain life on Mars or the moon. Because of constraints in the type of material available in space, detailed analysis is needed to come up with technologies and processes needed to produce basic material such as steel, concrete, etc. in space from the resources available in space.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. is collaborating with Emerging Future, LLC to conduct an analysis in order to characterize the material, technologies, and production process that can be used to produce basic materials (e.g. steel, concrete, etc.) in the most energy and resource-efficient manner on the moon or on Mars for space settlement.