Water and energy systems are interdependent. Water is used for energy production and electricity generation. Energy is needed to extract, treat, convey, and deliver water and also treat wastewater, which contributes to GHG emissions. Water scarcity, variability, and uncertainty are becoming more prominent, potentially leading to vulnerabilities of the U.S. and many other nations. Therefore, there is a strong need for a more integrated approach to address the challenges and opportunities of the water-energy-climate nexus.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. has strong expertise in integrated modeling, technology and systems analysis that can help to offer solutions for the water-energy-climate nexus issues. To date, most water-energy nexus work has been focused on the power sector and mining. We use our unique set of expertise in the manufacturing and commercial building sectors to analyze water-energy-climate nexus in these sectors and offer strategies to government, states, utilities, and businesses on maximizing water efficiency and addressing the water-energy nexus challenge.