In view of the projected continual increase in world population and absolute energy demand up to 2050, future reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions will require innovation beyond technologies that are commercially available today. New developments will likely include innovative processes and materials as well as technologies that can economically reduce energy use and CO2 emissions in different sectors of the economy. Although studies from around the world have identified a wide range of conventional energy-efficiency technologies in the manufacturing and commercial building sectors that are already commercialized, information is limited and scattered regarding emerging and cutting-edge energy-efficiency and low-carbon technologies.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. has extensive experience in identifying and analyzing emerging technologies for different industrial subsectors as well as for the commercial sector. Our research provides actionable intelligence on potential applications, adoption trends, international vendors, and business models for cutting-edge energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction technologies. Such information gives strategic guidance to investors, businesses, policy makers, utilities and other interested parties to make informed decisions.